What is Relative Pitch?

Relative Pitch: noun: 1)The pitch of a tone as determined by its relationship to other tones in a scale. 2) An opportunity for talented youth in the Triangle to come together, perform, build relationships and community and celebrate the gift of music!

The Relative Pitch, the brainchild of Rissi Palmer and Kim Arrington, is a performance workshop disguised as an Open Mic for youth ages 18 and under in the Triangle area.  This quarterly, one hour show is designed to give up and coming musicians and singers a place where they can hone their skills in front of a welcoming audience of their peers and families and fill a void for places for young people to perform that aren’t intimidating or adult oriented.  Performers have the option to bring their own accompanist (full bands are welcomed and encouraged), accompany themselves, or perform to a backing track that they provide.