Triangle Young Performer Opportunity: Teen Fest 2015 Auditions

Saturday, April 11; 1-4pm

YMCA – St. Augustine’s Program Center

1420 Oakwood Avenue

Raleigh NC 27610

Students ages 14 – 19 are invited to audition for TeenFest 2K15. All acts must be original; must have an anti-drug or anti-violence theme; must be 3.5 – 5 minutes long. Acts will be judged on relevance to theme (drug prevention/violence reduction/anti-underage drinking/anti-underage smoking); clarity of message; creativity; quality of performance (polished and ready for the big stage); connection to audience; appropriateness of performance (no lewd behavior, language, dress).

The top scoring audition acts will be invited to compete at TeenFest 2K15 at the Sheraton Raleigh Hotel on Saturday, May 2. Cash and other prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Best performers will also be invited to join the TeenFest Performance Troupe and continue performing for other audiences. Click HERE for more information.

Beperformers will also be invited to join the TeenFest Performance Troupe and continue performing for other audiences.

A Message from Kim

Our co-founder and co-host Kim Arrington will be leaving The Relative Pitch. It has been a pleasure working with her. The contributions she made have been invaluable and she will be missed. We wish her much love and luck in all of her endeavors!!!

Here’s a word from Kim:
“Three years ago, Rissi approached me with the amazing idea to give a space to young people that wanted to perform. I have had such a wonderful time working with The Relative Pitch.

Due to deepening personal and professional commitments, I have made the tough decision to step away from the Relative Pitch. I want to thank all of the amazing performers, families, friends, venues, and Rissi for such a meaningful experience. I know the Relative Pitch will continue to fulfill its mission to be a place “Where youth and music come together and come alive!” “- Kim

Highlights from the May 8 installment of The Relative Pitch!!!

Hello All,

Our May 8 show saw the return of two The Relative Pitch veterans as well as a new talented singer-songwriter who blessed us with two original pieces.  Both of our founder, Rissi Palmer & Kim Arrington, were present to share hosting duties.  As always, Sola made us feel at ease with their delicious treats and friendly atmosphere.  Thank you to all of our performers, their families, and the wonderful audience for making this show a success!  We will be returning for our next show on August 23, 2014 and we hope you’ll join us!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a live Relative Pitch, check out the video below!


Highlights from the December 14, 2013 Show!!!

Happy New Year friends!!!  We are still celebrating our new home at Sola Coffee Cafe’ in North Raleigh, where we held the last Relative Pitch of 2013 on December 14.  The weather was less than inviting but the performers, their families, and many onlookers packed the place!  John Luther and his wonderful staff made sure that everyone was cozy, happy, and full.  We feel like this is the start of a beautiful partnership!!!

In addition to the Christmas selections performed by our co founders and hosts, Rissi Palmer and Kim Arrington, we had four brave singers this time.  Three were talented veterans, Sydney, Josh, and McKenzie, and one very young and confident newbie…2 year old Grace, daughter of The Relative Pitch co-founder Rissi! The crowd was on their feet and gave generous applause to all of our participants!

Check out video below of one of our noteworthy performances.  We are gearing up for our 2014 launch on February 8 at our new home at Sola Coffee Cafe’, located at 7705 Lead Mine Rd. in North Raleigh, at 4:30-5:30pm.  If you are interested in performing or know someone who is, please visit our sign up page by clicking here.

See you on Feb. 8!!!

Rissi & Kim

2 Year old Grace wows the crowd with her rendition of “Royals”

WRAL Go Ask Mom interviews Rissi & Kim about The Relative Pitch!

A very big thank you to Sarah Lindenfield Hall for doing this piece!!!!

-Rissi & Kim


The Relative Pitch offers young performers safe, welcoming place to play


Posted: 8:30 p.m. yesterday
Updated: 8:54 p.m. yesterday

The Relative Pitch will offer its second session for young musicians and performers this Sunday at the Broad Street Cafe in Durham.

The open mic night for kids ages 18 and under was started by Kim Arrington and Rissi Palmer, both veteran performers, teachers and local moms, who wanted to provide kids with a safe and comfortable place to perform.

Doors open at 4 p.m., Sunday, for the performance, which runs from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Go toThe Relative Pitch’s website for details on how kids can get involved and perform. The next open mic night is set for Dec. 9.

I checked in with Arrington and Palmer this week on what they do and why they started The Relative Pitch. Here’s our Q&A:

Go Ask Mom: Why did you want to start The Relative Pitch? Did you see a need?

Rissi: I got the idea to start The Relative Pitch early this summer. I started working with some young singers through The Grace Note and was looking for places for them to sing outside of the annual recital. I realized that there wasn’t anything that was free or wasn’t competition based. I decided to contact my friend Kim, who is a seasoned and well known artist here in the Triangle who has a background working with kids, and see if she was interested. We both immediately thought of the Broad Street Café as the perfect venue because of its family friendly atmosphere as well as the great stage.

Kim: When Rissi called, I had just finished teaching at a Rock Band camp in Carrboro for 11- to 15-years-olds. The kids told me they had nowhere to perform locally, and adult open mics were too scary. We want to teach the kids through The Relative Pitch that indie artists can create their own solutions, for themselves and their communities.

GAM: What’s your background working with kids?

Rissi: Outside of wrangling my 17-month-old on a daily basis, I have been teaching private performance voice lessons for the last year at The Grace Note music school in North Raleigh. I find that the children’s excitement for music is a huge inspiration and motivator for me in my own career.

Kim: I have been running an arts-learning business for the past eight years. I’ve taught thousands of K-12 students every year through teaching poetry, playwriting, songwriting, and music performance in the schools, camps, and arts organizations that reinforces the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Besides that, I have a 5-year-old and 10-year-old whom are ravenous about everything musical.

GAM: What was the first open mic night like? Who came out to perform?

Rissi: I don’t know about Kim, but I was a ball of nerves! We had seven young performers in all, four of which are students of mine. They were so confidant and put on a great show. It was the first time a lot of them have ever sung with a band and they did a fantastic job. Kim and I got to sing together, which was a lot of fun.

Kim: Rissi held the nervous energy for the first event, and I think I held the “it’s gonna be just fine” energy. That’s why partnership works. Next time, I could be the nerves. The Relative Pitch is the right name for our gathering because parents, aunts, big brothers came out to support their youth performer. When I was growing up singing at four years old, I had support. It’s the right thing to do to let kids sing with a house band, and feel the glow of sharing it with the public.

GAM: What’s your goal for the program?

Rissi: Ultimately, I’d love it to become an institution here for young people, something that is synonymous with music scene in the Triangle. Kim and I are planning a songwriting camp for summer 2013 and The Relative Pitch is a way for the campers to showcase their songs. We want to introduce youth hosts eventually as well as possibly having the house band become all 18 and under musicians.

Kim: I want to provide this space while I can. I want kids to know that being a performer is possible, and that they can create their own opportunities to share art.

GAM: How do you see The Relative Pitch growing over time?

Rissi: Kim and I are both working musicians and both have albums coming out in the next few months (Best Day Ever for me in December 2012 and Getting II Yes in the early spring 2013 for Kim), so I hope that it will become self sustaining. We both plan to remain a part of it and hope to add more young musicians to the behind the scenes and onstage duties.

Kim: I want to be in the moment with The Relative Pitch. I think along the way, it will tell us how it wants to change. Teaching kids to perform is reminding them of what they already know. I’ll always find a way to do that.

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