“The Relative Pitch Presents…” Saturday, April 9, 2016 (Recap)

On Saturday, April 9, we celebrated our third “The Relative Pitch Presents…” at Sola Coffee Cafe’ in North Raleigh. This show was created to highlight some of the outstanding talent I have seen perform at the Relative Pitch Open Mic in the past who I felt were ready for a larger platform. Our featured performers were singer/musician Kristen Brauns, and singer-songwriters/multi-instrumentalists Fantasy Dispute and Janelle True.  We had a packed house and the performers put on a great show!

First up was Kristen Brauns. While no stranger to the stage, this was Kristen’s first solo performance and she handled it like a pro. During her set she showcased her skills as not only a vocalist, but also on the piano and ukulele. Here is a snippet of her performance of “Can’t Sleep Love”:

Next, was Fantasy Dispute, a talented trio of players who met while taking guitar lessons together. They performed a mixture of covers, like this one of “Dreams”:

and original pieces, like this one written by member Frank:

Finally, we ended the night with Janelle True, a young singer songwriter who has self-produced two full length albums. Janelle dazzled the crowd with a set of mostly original music and reworked covers. Here is a snippet of Janelle’s original song:

As always, I am extremely grateful to Sola Coffee Cafe’ for giving us a home and for all the good food and hospitality. I am also appreciative to those who came out to support these young artists, as well as the performers who did an amazing job!!!  I hope you will join us next month on Saturday, May 21 for the next The Relative Pitch Youth Open Mic…


See you then!



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